How I de-stress

Life gets really stressful from time to time.. or actually sort of most of the time. It's important to take care of yourself. Here are twelve of my favourite ways to do that!


Now I’m a warrior

So today I did my very first photo shoot and it was incredible. A couple of weeks ago I was listening to the song Salute by Little Mix and they have this lyric saying that all women are warriors and this little idea popped into my head. I wanted to do this photo shoot in which I… Continue reading Now I’m a warrior


What it means to love an over-thinker

(The girl in the picture is my wonderful and gorgeous friend who graciously let me use the picture(s) I took of her for my blog) Falling in love with an over-thinker probably isn’t easy. As an over-thinker I think I can write this article, but all over-thinkers aren’t the same so this might only apply… Continue reading What it means to love an over-thinker


Summer Lovin’

"Long distance, don’t do it". That’s the thing you always hear people say, but if you ever find yourself in the situation where you have to choose, it probably won’t be so easy to just say "no, we can’t beat the odds". I was put for this question a while ago with a boy who… Continue reading Summer Lovin’


The Friendzone

To: Everyone who has ever complained they've been "friendzoned". The Friendzone is defined on Urban Dictionary as “a term many guys (and some girls) use when they have been rejected, whether it is straight out or inadvertently said. People tend to claim it is the other person’s fault and/or that they are a “friendzoning bitch”… Continue reading The Friendzone


The Big Night

This title is the literal translation of the Dutch "Grote Avond" which is what we call our school play. This year we performed The Three Musketeers (which has a special place in my heart) and it was insanely good. I'm so proud of everyone. The past week I have been working on the school play.… Continue reading The Big Night


Wish List

To: Everyone willing to make a change When I was little (by which I mean less than a year ago) my mum asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. My completely dead serious answer was: Emma Watson. Not because she’s incredibly beautiful, because she’s an actress, because she got to play… Continue reading Wish List